Rebranding Our Corporate Image

Don’t blink your eyes for even a moment! This is our friendly and approachable Delivery Personnel aka Mr Tey Tian Seng (nickname A-Zai) donning our newly-designed Corporate Tee produced by W.I.Z Workwear. It is specially designed in simple fashion, with the Company logo on the left upper chest and right sleeve. Staff have a choice […]

Our Smooth Ways’ Journey..

  In the past few months, there have been lots of emphasis by the government and news about honouring our Pioneer Generation – the great effort they have put in to set the foundation for what Singapore is today. This forces us a nation to look back to 1965 when the independent Singapore was formed. […]

New Look Design for our Delivery Fleet

Our delivery fleet has gotten a new look, thanks to Super Stickers & Labels Co. We have intentionally gone for simplicity in our design so as to achieve a ‘minimalist’ feel. This allows potential customers greater visibility as they view important information relating to our Company. Hope you like it!

New Year Eve Staff Appreciation Lunch 2014!

Smooth Ways organised a staff appreciation lunch on the eve of the new year. We had plenty of food catered, amongst them pandan chicken, sambal sotong, Thai mango salad, Penang fried kway Teow, foccacia chicken sandwich, kuey pie ti, asahi beer and many more. All of us were visibly satisfied as we enjoyed the food […]

Recruitment for Sales Personnel

We are currently looking for suitable candidate/s to meet the needs of our Company’s operations. Click on “Career” for more information.

A Smart Company!

Smooth Ways Auto Center has been keeping itself updated on the technological front over the years. For example, all our fleet of transport vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking system from Coolasia. This enables our delivery supervisor to monitor the location of our drivers through the internet and ensure that our customers receive their […]

Company Event

There is no upcoming event.