Smooth Ways Sales Return Policy (SRP)

                                                                   SALES RETURN POLICY


  • Have a clear guidelines on sales return
  • Strike a good balance between customer satisfaction and Company’s interest
S/N Types of Customers Specific Policy General Policy
1 Stockist (i) Return by the 3rd working day to *collection point (i) Autoparts cannot be returned once installed or used

(ii) Goods return have to be in original condition and accompanied with Sales Invoice and original packing

(iii) Autoparts that are deemed to have defects have to be verified by our selected workshop

(iv) Customers are advised to check the autoparts prior to leave the collection points. Failing which, our Company bears no responsibility or whatsoever with the quality of the product

2 Bulk Purchaser (i) Return by the 3rd working day to collection point
3 Reseller  (i) Return by the 3rd working day to collection point
4 Work-shop owner (i) Return by the 5th working day to collection point
5 End-user eg car-owner (i) Right autopart returned to be exchanged for another autopart of equal value or less by the 3rd working day

(ii) No guarantee of outcome if installed at non-recommended workshop


*Collection point refers to the place where the said autopart is received e.g Head-Office, Warehouse or Delivery vehicles.


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